South America 2005 CE

Many countries of South America have swung, first to dictatorship, and then to democracy.

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What is happening in South America in 2005CE


Depressed prices for many of South America’s exports in the 1960’s and 70’s led to economic and political problems. Military dictatorships seized power in several countries, including Brazil (1964), Argentina (1976), Chile (1973) and Uruguay (1973). In the following decade, however, the tide turned and, despite continuing economic volatility, democratic government was restored in Brazil (1985), Argentina (1983), Chile (1988) and several other countries at about the same time. In 1993, democracy came to Paraguay for the first time in its history.


Economic problems have plagued most South American countries at some time during these decades, largely due to their reliance upon a small range of export commodities. However, economic reforms in some countries – notably Brazil and Chile – have led to significant and enduring economic gains.


The countries which have missed out on prosperity most dramatically have been those experiencing widespread terrorist activity, such as Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. In two of these, Peru and Ecuador, the insurgencies have been largely defeated, but Colombia’s remains very much alive (as of 2005).

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