Premium Teachers Areas

Teacher members of the Premium service get access to a growing number of additional TimeMaps resources, aimed directly at the requirements of history teachers. They cover key topics normally found in world history curricula.

These resources come in two kinds – Premium Units and Premium Teachers Guidance.

Premium Units

Premium units are directly relevant to school and college history courses.  They give students a panoramic overview of the big topics, and are:

  • highly effective class presentations, ideal for teachers to introduce or wrap up topics;
  • great resources for student-based research;
  • accompanied by comprehensive teachers’ notes;

These unites are engaging and powerful ways for students to gain a great understanding of events and developments in world history.

Premium Teachers Guidance

As well as the teachers notes which accompany the units, Premium teachers get access to general guidance for using the TimeMap of World History in their teaching. This relates to both free and premium resources.

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Middle school teachers, please go to Middle School Premium Resources.

High school teachers, please go to High School Premium Resources.


Different subscription levels

Teacher membership comes in three levels, according to your specific needs.

Single Teacher membership gives individual teachers the right to show the Premium Units in their classroom. It also gives them full access to the Premium Teachers Guidance.

Single Teacher Plus membership enables individual teachers not only to show the Premium Units to their classes, but also to give up to thirty students access them as well. This allows student-based projects using the units to take place.

Whole Institution membership gives all a school’s or college’s staff and students access to the Premium units.


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