TimeMaps for Education

The Timemap of World History is ideal for teaching world history. It

  • engages students in all the historical information they need;
  • offers great opportunities for exploring causation and connections between places and periods;
  • provides the necessary background for a sound understand of events and episodes.I


“When I showed my students this website you should have heard the “OHS!” coming through the room! You know that amazing teacher moment when the students finally get the clear understanding and everything finally makes sense! That amazing moment that we as teachers strive for! I was so happy to have done this; I kick myself for not doing this sooner.” – The Glitchy Teacher


The Timemap offers students of world history a host of benefits, including ……

1. Broad surveys

It lets students quickly and easily survey the rise and fall of ALL the different civilizations and empires of world history.

2. Context

It allows students see clearly how each civilization and empire fits into the Big Picture of world history.

3. Connections

It allows students to understand connections between different regions and civilizations, for example in trade, conquest, migration or mission – and how these connections spread changes in technology, religion or art.

4. Track any country

The atlas will allow students to track the history of any country in the world, from its origins through to the 21st century. This might be specially useful for students whose families comes from different parts of the world.


Timemaps and Middle School World History

TimeMaps and AP World History

The Premium Teachers Area

“I am a huge fan of the site, its vast resources and comprehensive information about the world.  Every Social Studies teacher I’ve showed it to has been amazed by your site and I take every opportunity to integrate it in my instruction.” – Jonathan, Social Studies Teacher, Tucson, Arizona

Teaching suggestion

A large number of teaching resources are offered in the Premium Teachers Area. However, the following idea is one that can be used to provide students with an overview of a particular period in world history.

This activity is best done in small groups.


Depending on what period of world history you are studying, go to the Atlas and choose a world map dated to an appropriate time in history.

Using the active timeline beneath the world map, move forward through history.

At each map you come to, hover your mouse over the icons on the regions of the world. You can view brief summaries of what’s happening in those regions at that time.

For the purposes of this activity, don’t worry about following the links through to the regions concerned.

Read the summaries, and jot down the historical events and developments they mention. Remember to note the region in which they occur, and the date.

Wrap up:

1. In a class discussion, share your lists and see if you can agree on a “class” list of major civilizations, empires, and developments during that period of world history.

2. Either in groups or in a whole class, discuss the following questions:

  • Which region of the world was most significant at this period, do you think? Why?
  • Which developments had the most impact upon the lives of the people of the time?
  • Which developments were the most significant in terms of their impact upon our modern lives?

In a class discussion, share your lists.



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