Iraq 3500 BCE

The first city-based civilization in history, the Sumerian, is appearing in Mesopotamia.

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What is happening in Iraq in 3500BCE

One of the most important developments in world history is taking place in Mesopotamia. Here, on the flood plains of the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, the fertile soil brought down from the mountains by the great rivers has given rise to much denser populations than anywhere else in the world. The arid climate, plus dangerous spring floods, has called for the creation of large-scale irrigation systems, to channel and store water for crops, and to protect communities from the raging waters.

Over the centuries, large communities with densely concentrated populations of many thousands of people have grown up. These are the first true cities in human history.

To help them manage the economic life of these cities effectively, the priests who control them are gradually perfecting the first known writing script and numeric system – key developments in human progress. The civilization of Ancient Mesopotamia is being built by a people known as the Sumerians. They are constructing the first urban and literate culture in world history.

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