Using the TimeMap of World History with Middle School students

We are starting to develop premium resources specially aimed at middle school world history. For more on this, please see our brand new Premium Middle School section.

The Timemap of World History offers middle school students an extremely engaging access to the whole of world history. 

Broad surveys

It will let students quickly and easily survey the rise and fall of ALL the different civilizations and empires of world history.

Context and connections

It lets students see clearly how each civilization or empire fits into its wider historical context, so that they can easily understand how it relates to other civilizations and regions.

Cause and effect

It lets students see clearly how developments in one part of the world affected other parts of the world; they can see clearly developments in one society may well have their origins in a completely different part of the world.

Track any country

The atlas will allow students to track the history of any country in the world, from its origins through to the 21st century. This might be specially useful for students whose families comes from different parts of the world.


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