North America 1960 CE

The USA and Canada have fought in the two world wars together.

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What is happening in North America in 1960CE

Over these past few decades, the experiences of the USA and Canada have been broadly similar, though with significant differences. For both nations, despite the Great Depression of the 1930’s, the general trend has been towards greater and greater prosperity: the spread of automobiles and good roads; of radios, TVs, refrigerators and other consumer goods; of industrial mass-production, and skyscrapers changing the skylines of all North American cities. Both nations fought in World War 1 and World War 2. However, the Americans went through the Prohibition years, whilst Canadians did not; and the Canadians, with their close ties to Britain, entered both wars at the very beginning, whilst in each case the US came in later (but then made a decisive difference).

As of 1960, both the USA and Canada stand together as close allies and as members of NATO against the Communist threat.

Mexico remains far poorer than her two northern neighbors; however, she has made substantial progress, both economically and politically, since the end of her Revolution in 1929.

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