North America 200 BCE

Several post-Olmec civilizations are emerging in different parts of Central America.

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What is happening in North America in 200BCE

Central America

Having spread their influence over a wide area in Central America, the Olmecs are now being replaced by several regional centers of civilization, influenced by the Olmecs but with their own distinct characteristics – including, by this date, writing, amongst the Zapotec and Mixtec. This process is being stimulated by a dramatic growth in population, for which there is evidence in both the central basin of Mexico as well as in the Yucatan peninsula.

South-West farming cultures

Farming is by now well-established in the arid landscape of the present-day south western USA. It is dependent upon irrigation – although, given the need to exploit all sources of sustenance in this hostile environment, hunting small game remains important. The Mogollon culture is emerging in the area about this time. In the eastern woodland region, the Hopewell people are developing a distinctive culture, derived from the Adena.

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Pre-Columbian civilizations of America

Pre-Columbian peoples of North America

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