Africa 30 BCE

North Africa is now part of the Roman empire, while in central Africa the Bantu expansion continues.

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What is happening in Africa in 30BCE

Bantu expansion

In sub-Saharan Africa, the southward migration of the Bantu peoples has by now reached full momentum. This expansion seems to have followed two lines of movement, one to the west, through the Congo forests and down into the grasslands of Namibia, the other through East Africa and now approaching southern Africa. The hunter-gatherers they encounter are either eliminated or pushed into the denser forests or the more arid areas. The speed of the Bantu movement is startling. In the forefront there are probably mobile bands of colonists seeking out the best land, farming it for a few years, and then moving on to fresh land.

North Africa

Meanwhile, North Africa has passed under Roman control, either as provinces of the empire, as in the case of Egypt, and the former territory of Carthage; or as client tribes, like the Mauritanians to the west. Nubia, however, retains its independence.

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