Oceania 2005 CE

Many new independent nations now dot the Pacific Ocean.

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What is happening in Oceania in 2005CE


Most Pacific islands became independent countries in the final decades of the 20th century, or self-governing states within Western-led organizations (for example, the Marianas are a self-governing commonwealth under US jurisdiction, and Tahiti has the status of a French overseas country). Whilst for some islands, independence has brought stable democracies and increasing prosperity, other Pacific nations have experienced instability, and even violence. This has been particularly true of those places where the colonial period introduced new ethnic elements. Racial tensions between Polynesians and Indians has destabilized Fiji on several occasions, leading to military coups, and the Solomon Islanders have experienced full-scale civil war.

New relationships

Australia and New Zealand have been adjusting to new geopolitical realities in the world at large, seeing loosening ties with Britain and closer links to the leading Pacific powers of the USA and China.

Tourism is a major industry on many islands, notably Tahiti and Hawaii.

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The Cold War

A global civilization

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