South America 1215 CE

The Chimu empire is now the leading state in the Pacific-Andean region.

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What is happening in South America in 1215CE

The Andean region

Over the past two centuries, the Wari and Tiwanaku kingdoms have vanished. The Chimú empire has become the leading state in the Andean region. It is a highly centralized empire, with a well-developed road network spreading out from its imposing capital, Chan-Chan, and extensive irrigation and drainage systems. It is, in fact, developing many of the imperial policies which the Incas, who at this time form a small kingdom in the High Andes, will later take over and extend throughout a much vaster area. In the arts, the Chimú use highly developed techniques in metal working, textiles and the mass-production of pottery.

The Amazonia region

In Amazonia, several large towns and cities are now flourishing, the centers of powerful kingdoms and extensive trading networks. Their fine ceramics, figurines and jewellery indicate the existence of a class of professional craftsmen serving a cultured urban elite.

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