The USA 1789 CE

After the American War of Independence, the USA has established as a new nation.

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What is happening in The USA in 1789CE

The Thirteen Colonies

The full compliment of 13 colonies was attained with the founding of New Jersey (by private endeavour, 1660), Pennsylvania (where Quakers and others could enjoy religious freedom, 1682), the Carolinas (as a royal grant to various English noblemen, 1663; later divided into North and South Carolina, 1712), and Georgia (by the British crown as a buffer against Spanish aggression, 1733). The British also took over New York and Delaware from the Dutch (1664 – Delaware had initially been Swedish).

The American Revolution

The strategic position of the British colonies was transformed with the elimination of the powerful French threat in the French Indian War (Seven Years’ War) of 1754-63. Ironically, this served to increase friction between the colonists and Britain, the mother-country, which tried to make the colonists contribute more towards the costs of their defence (via, most famously, the Stamp Act of 1765).

The resulting protests led in a straight line to the Boston Tea Party of 1773, the American War of Independence (1775-83), the founding of the United States (1776) and its successful emergence as a new country.

In this year, 1789, the USA ratifies its Constitution, enshrining democracy as the ruling principle for the new country. In the same year George Washington was elected as its first president.

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