Oceania 2500 BCE

A new phase in technology is beginning in Australia, and the migration of the ancestors of the Polynesians has begun from south China.

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What is happening in Oceania in 2500BCE


In Australia, a new cultural development has begun, with the emergence of a new toolkit based on small, finely finished flaked stone implements to make knives and shafted axes. The dingo is also introduced about now. These developments are evidence for contact with peoples from South East Asia, but they are probably at least as much to do with the climate becoming drier.  Smaller implements allow for a more mobile lifestyle needed to cover a wider range of territory in search of food.

Population movements

Far to the north, in southern China, population movements are taking place which will have a huge impact on Oceania in the millennia to follow. The ancestors of today’s Austronesian peoples (of which the Melanesians and Polynesians are examples, as well as Malays and Madagascans) are migrating from south China to Taiwan at this time. They take with them their Stone-Age farming culture and well-developed fishing and navigation techniques.

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The coming of farming

The origins of farming in East Asia

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