South America 750 CE

The Tiwanaku and Wari empires now dominate the highlands of Peru.

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What is happening in South America in 750CE

The Andes region

The past two centuries have seen the Moche and Nazca civilizations vanish in the Andes region, to be replaced by two empires which now dominate much of the central and southern Andes and parts of coast. These empires  –  centered on the cities of Tiwanaku and Wari – share a single art style, which suggests they also shared a common religion.

The Amazon region

The mound-building cultures of lower Amazonia are at their height around now, although some of the mounds will be used for ceremonial purposes for centuries to come. In the central Amazon, the large, well-populated regional chiefdoms shared in intensifying systems of trade and cultural exchange. Items such as precious stones, metals, ceramics and other objects were exchanged over a wide area. This is also apparent in the rise of a unified decorative pottery style throughout the region, called the Amazonian Polychrome Tradition, which spread from the Amazon’s mouth as far as Peru.

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Pre-Columbian civilizations of America

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