Africa 1000 BCE

The civilization of Ancient Egypt, in the Nile Valley, is now in decline; farming is spreading in western and central Africa.

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What is happening in Africa in 1000BCE


In the north east, the kingdom of Egypt, after the glories of its “New Kingdom” phase, is now in decline. Its ancient civilization will retain its power for many centuries, however. The rising Greek civilization will come under its spell, its art and architecture heavily influenced by Egyptian models.

Development of farming

Nubia remains firmly within Egypt’s cultural and political orbit. In the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, cattle-herding and farming are gradually spreading throughout western and central Africa, having probably reached the Great Lakes region by now. Also, around this date, some peoples in West Africa, living on the fringes of the rain forests, are making the difficult transition to tropical forest farming. This agriculture is based on a quite different set of crops to savannah agriculture, with cultivated fruits and roots such as plantains and yams as the staples.

Throughout the greater part of central and southern Africa, people remain hunter-gatherers and fishermen.

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