North America 1215 CE

The Toltec empire has vanished, and the Mexica people have appeared in history.

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What is happening in North America in 1215CE

In North America, population growth has continued, and with it competition for land and resources. More complex societies and more powerful chiefdoms have evolved. Long-range trade networks have reappeared, spanning the continent from coast to coast. In the present-day eastern USA, the largest Pre-Columbian towns north of Mesoamerica have grown up, especially the town of Cahokia, which straggles for miles along the banks of the Mississippi.

In the south-western USA, the Pueblo culture has experienced a militarization of its society; villages are being relocated to more defensible sights.

In central America, the Toltec empire has vanished, its capital, Tula, sacked by the Mexica, a people from the north.

In the far north, the Inuit have spread out over the Arctic region as far as Greenland. There they encounter the first European settlements in the New World, belonging to the Norse colony in Greenland, founded in 987.

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