Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay 1871 CE

Paraguay has been utterly ruined by a war with its neighbours.

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What is happening in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay in 1871CE

The dictator Juan Manuel Rosas imposed a brutal regime on the Buenos Aires region of Argentina, and established a measure of rule throughout the countryside. Eventually, however, one of the provincial leaders defeated Rosas (1852). The following year a constitution was promulgated, establishing Argentina as a federal republic.

The following decades have been marked by Indian wars in which the Pampas have been taken away from the indigenous inhabitants and given over to large-scale cattle ranching on huge estates. Since 1860 British investment has come into Argentina on a large scale, financing the construction of railways, ports and the meat export industry.

Paraguay is initially ruled by dictators who keep the country stable at the cost of keeping it isolated from the outside world; they also build up a powerful military machine, to defend their vulnerable countries interests. When the dictatorship passes to the inexperienced but ambitious Francisco Lopez, the country becomes embroiled in a war with its giant neighbours, Brazil and Argentina, together with Uruguay (1865-70). Paraguay is utterly ruined in the war, a third of its population dead.

Uruguay has experienced little but civil war between liberal commercial interests and conservative landowners.

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