China 1500 BCE

The Shang dynasty, the first dynasty for which there are records in Chinese history, now rules Ancient China.

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What is happening in China in 1500BCE

The Yellow river region of China is now ruled by the Shang dynasty (1766-1122 BCE).

The Shang Dynasty

Under the Shang, Chinese Bronze Age civilization fully emerges into the light of history. The first real cities of ancient East Asia, with tens of thousands of inhabitants, have appeared here.

Although the kings of the Shang state probably exercise direct rule over only a part of the region, their authority is acknowledged over a much wider area of northern and central China, through subordinate lords and tribal chiefs. These rule their own territories independently, but acknowledge the overlordship of the Shang king.

Fine bronzes

A system of writing, which in all essentials is the modern Chinese script, is already in use at this ancient period. Bronze technology is well developed. Indeed, the Chinese are already making some of the finest bronzes ever produced in world history.

Cultural influences eminating from the Yellow river region are bringing a more advanced material culture to the Yangtze region, and this is leading to population expansion. A distinctive, non-literate but materially advanced culture is developing here.

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