China 30 BCE

Internally, Han dynasty rule has been the most tranquil period in the history of ancient China, but externally the Chinese empire has expanded greatly.

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What is happening in China in 30BCE

The past two centuries have been a tranquil period in Ancient China‘s history. The Han dynasty emperors have expanded their empire’s borders on all fronts. Under the emperor Wudi (141-86 BCE), in particular, the Xiongu were subdued, north-west China garrisoned and colonized, northern Korea conquered and the annexation of south China completed.

Internal peace and prosperity

Internally, however, China has seen nearly two centuries of peace and stability.The vast country has increasingly come under the control of the elaborate and well-run Han bureaucracy. Officials are normally recruited from the wealthy landowning class. They are highly educated: under the Han, Confucianism has been installed as the official ideology of the ruling class, and their education is based on a rigorous study of the Confucian classics. Officials are promoted on recommendation, which brings many very able men to high office. These are developments which will influence Chinese history for more than 2000 years.

The Han dynasty marks the high point of Ancient China. The peace of the Han era has encouraged commerce and industry to flourish, and agriculture has also expanded. Much new land has been brought under cultivation, especially in border regions; and continued technological advance has seen the introduction of, amongst other innovations, the seed drill and the wheelbarrow.

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