East Asia: China, Korea, Japan 750 CE

China is now united and powerful under the great Tang dynasty, one of the most glorious in its history, and exerts a huge influence on Japan and Korea.

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What is happening in East Asia: China, Korea, Japan in 750CE

The Tang dynasty

In China, centuries of disunity have given way to unity, under the Tang dynasty (618-907) – one of the greatest empires in world history. It is home to the wealthiest and most advanced civilization of the time. The Chinese have ever since regarded the Tang era as one of their most glorious in their history.

The Silk Road

It is no surprise that this period sees the high watermark of Chinese cultural influence upon neighboring countries. The Tang empire’s authority reaches deep into central Asia, and as a result this is one of the most flourishing periods for trade across central Asia along the Silk Road to the west. At this time the Tang borders touch those of the Islamic Caliphate, based in the Middle East. Across this border passes one of the key Chinese inventions, paper. This is apparently as a result of some Chinese paper-makers being taken captive after an armed clash with Muslim forces.

Japan and Korea

The Japanese and Korean states have all consciously modeled themselves upon the Tang empire, and Confucianism and Buddhism, both Chinese imports, will endure as key elements within their societies right up to modern times. Much of East Asia belongs to an international diplomatic and exchange system, with states in Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other regions paying tribute to the imperial Chinese court in Changan.

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