East Asia: China, Korea, Japan 1960 CE

China, Japan and Korea have all experienced some of the most turbulent times in their entire history, as great wars have swept through East Asia.

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What is happening in East Asia: China, Korea, Japan in 1960CE

In the past decades have been amongst the most intensively turbulent periods in all East Asia’s history. Much of the region has been torn apart by a succession of great wars.

Civil wars in China

China was engulfed in civil warfare from 1916 onwards, first between the various warlords who had divided the country between them (1916-26) and then between Nationalists and Communists (1926-37).

Japan at war

Then Japan, having secured control of Manchuria, launched a major invasion of China, which convulsed much of that country in more bitter fighting (1937-45). Between 1941 and 1945 Japan contrived to involve herself in a war for the Pacific with the USA and her Allies in World War 2; this only ended in her becoming the first country in the world to have an A-bomb dropped on her soil.

Communists at war

In the post-war years, the civil war in China flared up again, ending in the Communist takeover of the whole country in 1949 (except Taiwan). Korea was torn apart by a terrible war between the Communists of the North, supported by China, and the people of the South, supported by America and her UN Allies (1950-52).


Finally, since 1955 Vietnam has experienced almost continual war against her colonial masters, France.

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