Scandinavia 979 CE

Scandinavian raiders and traders voyage far and wide in the great age of the Vikings.

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What is happening in Scandinavia in 979CE

Political instability, coupled with a shortage of good land, has sent Scandinavian warriors raiding far and wide, in their small, seaworthy ships – this has been the great age of the Vikings, striking fear into millions of Europeans. Their raids, however, are followed by trading and settlement, especially in the British Isles and northern France – and in distant Iceland, where Norse sailors and farmers have established the oldest existing parliament in the world. Another field of activity, especially for the Swedes, is the great river systems of Russia, where leaders of Scandinavian descent have founded the vast state of Rus.

By this time, the Norwegians and Danes are forming themselves into kingdoms. The Danes have accepted Christianity, while the Norwegians remain mostly pagan.

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