Scandinavia 1871 CE

Denmark has experienced traumatic defeat at the hands of Prussia.

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What is happening in Scandinavia in 1871CE

Liberal governments have governed Sweden since the 1840’s, leading to reform and modernisation. Norway has also been under liberal government. The 19th century has seen Norwegian commerce and shipping develop rapidly, and Norway has become a leading force in world maritime trade.

In Denmark, the government bowed to the growing liberal movement in 1848 and abolished the absolutist monarchy. It adopted a constitutional government, giving a key role to a Parliament and securing freedom of the press.

In the wake of her defeat by Prussia in 1864, Denmark has had to give up her centuries-long control of Schleswig and Holstein. This traumatic defeat has led to the dominance of a conservative government, which will continue till the end of the century. It also led to the expansion of agriculture into previously waste lands, and to the rise of the co-operative movement in agriculture, as part of a wholesale shift to dairy farming.

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