Russia 2005 CE

The Soviet Union has now been replaced by a group of newly-independent countries.

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What is happening in Russia in 2005CE

In the 1960’s the Cold War with the USA and its allies remained intense, and after a few years of thawing relations, a renewed – and unaffordable – arms race with the USA, coupled with economic stagnation and a disastrous invasion of Afghanistan, undermined the Soviet Union’s morale. Finally, Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in 1985. He pursued policies of ‘glasnost’, liberalising public life, and ‘perestroika’, economic restructuring.

The reform movement that Gorbachev initiated gathered pace under his successor, Boris Yeltsin. The Communist Party was disbanded, and the constituent republics of the Soviet Union declared their independence. A whole host of new nations appeared on the map. The western-most of these, the Baltic States, welcome democracy and are themselves welcomed into the EU and NATO. Other ex-Soviet states have retained authoritiarian regimes.

The sudden introduction of a market economy to Russia led to severe economic contraction and social stress, but in recent years the huge country has been set on a path to economic and social recovery.

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