Scandinavia 1837 CE

Norway is now under the control of Sweden.

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What is happening in Scandinavia in 1837CE

The Napoleonic Wars were difficult for Sweden, at the end of which it lost Finland but gained Norway. Oddly, the Swedes finished the war with one of Napoleon’s marshals, Bernadotte, in control of the country. First as Crown Prince and then as king (1818-44), Bernadotte has been a conservative and unpopular ruler.

The Norwegians only accepted the transfer of their country to Sweden on condition that their own constitution remained in force. This is, in fact, a great deal more liberal than Sweden’s, and has acted as a spur to Swedish liberals.

The Napoleonic Wars were devastating for Denmark, as she sided with Napoleon to the very end.  In the 1815 settlement, she lost Norway. She does, however, retain Iceland and Greenland.

The end of the Napoleonic Wars saw Finland transferred from Swedish to Russian control. However, it is ruled as an autonomous Grand Duchy (with the Tsar as Grand Duke). It therefore has a very large measure of autonomy, keeping its own government institutions.

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