Russia 1837 CE

Russia emerged from the Napoleonic Wars as one of the great powers of Europe.

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What is happening in Russia in 1837CE

Tsar Alexander I (1801-25) was intent on further westernisation and liberalisation. His plans for reform, however, had to be put on hold by the war against Napoleon.

Because of its crucial role in defeating Napoleon, Russia’s prestige soared, and since 1815 it has been seen by many as the leading power in Europe. After the war, Alexander’s attention turned to creating an international order that would protect the world from revolutionary movements. His son, Tsar Nicholas I (1825-55) is even more intent on stamping out revolution in Europe and protecting Russia from corrupting foreign influences. He is known as the “Gendarme of Europe”.

Abroad, Georgia, hard pressed by Caucasian tribesmen and Persian aggression, voluntarily submitted to Russian rule (1801). The annexation of Georgia led to Russian involvement in the Caucuses, which has gradually, but with difficulty, been falling under Russian control.

Far to the east, the Russian-American Company, set up in 1799, has established trading settlements in Alaska.

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