Scandinavia 1215 CE

The Scandinavians have become Christians and are colonizing the Baltic coasts.

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What is happening in Scandinavia in 1215CE

For a time, Scandinavia became the centre of an extensive empire, under King Cnut (reigned 1016-35), which included Norway, Denmark and England, but this swiftly disappeared after his death.

The Scandinavian kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden had all converted to Christianity by the late-12th century.

Denmark, under Valdemar the Great (reigned 1157-1182), has extended its territory in northern Germany and the Baltic at the expense of pagan tribes such as the Wends. Also the Crusading Order of the Sword, consisting mostly of German and Danish knights, has conquered the Liv peoples, and Swedes have begun colonizing Finland.

The Norwegian kings, on the other hand, have been pre-occupied with the challenge of bringing the scattered regional chiefdoms under firmer royal control. This has involved them in decades of warfare, from the 1130’s on. They have also been trying to establish their authority over the Norse settlements in Scotland and the Isle of Man.

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