Russia 1871 CE

Revolutionary ideas are spreading fast in Russia.

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What is happening in Russia in 1871CE

In 1848, Nicholas utterly opposed the liberal revolutions in western Europe, and sent in troops to neighbouring Hungary to help the Austrians stamp out the revolution there.

Russia’s defeat by Britain and France in the Crimean War (1854-6) led to widespread unrest at all levels of society, and the government of the present Tsar, Alexander II (1855-81), has carried out many reforms. Most notably, the serfs have been emancipated. But these measures, though well-intentioned, have been too little and too late for some. Revolutionary ideas are spreading in Russia, especially amongst the young members of the educated middle classes.

Russia’s borders have been pushed deep into Turkish territory around the Black Sea and into the Caucuses – though the Chechens and Circassians continued to hold out for many decades before annexation. In central Asia, the systematic annexation of Turkestan has begun. Much further east (or west, depending on one’s point of view), the Russians have sold Alaska to the USA (1867).

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