Italy 1837 CE

The movement for Italian independence and unity is growing.

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What is happening in Italy in 1837CE

At one time or another during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars (1793-1815), all of Italy except Sicily came under French rule.

The settlement of 1815 confirmed Austria’s pre-war dominance of northern Italy, and added Venice and its territories to its pre-war possessions. Southern Italy and Sicily remained under the rule of the Bourbon monarchy. The only state left under rulers of native Italian origin is that of the house of Savoy, kings of Piedmont-Sardinia.

The period since 1815 has seen a rise in pan-Italian – and anti-Austrian – feeling. Revolutionary groups such as the Carbonari have become active, and a number of insurrections occurred throughout Italy in the 1820’s and 30’s. All were suppressed when the local rulers called in Austrian troops.

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