Italy 30 BCE

The free inhabitants of Italy all now enjoy full Roman citizenship, and provide Rome with the bulk of its soldiers and officials.

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What is happening in Italy in 30BCE

Troops provided by Rome’s Italian allies played their full part in Rome’s wars of conquest in the second century BCE. Wherever Roman power spread throughout the Mediterranean, moreover, Italian businessmen followed. More and more wealth flowed into the cities of Italy. The second century was a time of peace and prosperity for the whole of Italy.

As its overseas empire grew, however, Rome behaved more and more arrogantly towards her allies in Italy. This led the Italians to demand full Roman citizenship, and finally, in 90 BCE, to take up arms in this cause. The Roman senate quickly granted full citizenship to all Italians south of the Po valley, although the war dragged on in places until 82 BCE.

Italy was then caught up in the sequence of Roman civil wars, with a stable peace only being restored in 30 BCE.

By this time, Latin culture has come to predominate over the numerous local cultures of previous centuries. The Roman army and administrative institutions are staffed by men drawn from all over Italy, and, with the old Roman families dwindling in number, many Roman senators have their roots in Italian towns.

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