Further information for Institutions


1. Coverage

2. Contact details

3. Payment

4. Instructions for multiple access for staff and students


1. Coverage

The institutional licence covers a whole school district, or up to 1,000 potential students, whichever is the smaller. If you are a larger school district or a college/university with more potential users than this, please contact us for a price.

Please note, we are a British company. A small number of US institutions who have contacted us have not been able to purchase from non-US sources. For the great majority this has not been an issue.


2. Contact details


Timemaps Ltd,
10 Maplewood Court,
Langley Park,
DH7 9FZ,
United Kingdom
Point of contact: Peter Britton – [email protected]
Phone number: +44 191 373 1165 
(This is a UK number; email is usually the best way to contact me, but if you phone at a time which is out of business hours in the UK, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.)

3. Payment

If you don’t pay by PayPal or credit card when signing up to the premium service, write to me and I will arrange for an invoice to be sent. This will give you further payment options (check, bank transfer, or of course via PayPal).

For those needing a tax form, we have a W-8 for UK companies selling to the USA, which replaces the W-9. Please ask us to forward this to you. 

4. Instructions for multiple access for staff and students

A. Groups

Apart from the administrator, users accessing the premium service from any location (within the institution, at home, from a coffee shop) will have to belong to a group. They sign in with their username and password.
When registering
You will have the opportunity to create a group when you first sign up for an institutional subscription. You will also be able to start adding names into the group. If you have a CSV file this can greatly shorten the process.
After registering
If you don’t do this, or want to add more names to the group –
  • Log into your premium account, then click on the “My Account” button on the top right of the screen.
  • In the box on the right there should be an option called “manage your group” (or it might be “create a group”, or similar) – this is the option you need.

If you encounter any problems, please let me know at once.


B. IP addresses

If you send us your institution’s IP address(es), we will add this to our admin system and this will allow anyone within the institution to access the premium service without the need for usernames or passwords.

For access from outside the institution, they will need to be a member of a group and use their access details.