School Atlas of World History

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The TimeMaps School Atlas of World History

The Atlas of World History provides the basic framework for world history. It will help students understand where and when civilizations and empires occured, and what the Big Picture of history looks like. 


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– On first use there may be some white flashes in between images. This will disappear after the first use

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Modules in the premium version will include:

3500 BC:

The Rise of Farming

500 BC:

The First Civilizations

Early China

The Indo-Europeans

The Peopling of the Pacific – 1

AD 500:

The Classical West (Greece and Rome)

Classical China

Classical India

The Bantu Migration

From the Olmec to Maya

The Peopling of the Pacific – 2


The Rise of Fuedal Europe: Europe 500-1000

The Rise of Islam: Middle East 500-1000

The Great Tang dynasty: Chuina and East Asia 500-1000

Disunity: India and South Asia 500-1000

Kingdoms and trade: Africa 500-1000

Cities and states: The Western Hemisphere 500-1000


The Mongol Empire

Christendom: Medieval Europe 1000-1450

Conquerors from Central Asia: the Middle East 1000-1450

Conquest and rebellion: China and East Asia 1000-1450

The Islamic Conquests: India and South Asia 1000-1450

Expanding kingdoms: Africa 1000-1450

Incas and Aztecs: Eastern Hemisphere 1000-1450


The Expansion of Europe, 1: 1450-1750

Transformations: Early Modern Europe 1450-1750

A Great Empire: The Middle East 1450-1750

The Great Mughals: India and South Asia 1450-1750

A World of its Own: China and East Asia 1450-1750

The Stolen Continent: Africa 1450-1750

The Rise of Latin America: South and Central America 1450-1750

The Colonies: North America 1450-1750


A World Turned Upside Down: Europe and the West 1750-1914

Revolutions: Europe 1750-1914

The British Raj: India and South Asia 1750-1914

Barbarians at the Gates: China 1750-1914

The Sramble for Africa: Africa 1750-1914

Independence and Division: South America 1750-1914

A New World: North America 1750-1914

New Societies: Australasia and Oceania 1750-1914


A World in Conflict: World Wars 1914-1989

All Change!: Europe 1914-2005

Old Nations, New States: The Middle East 1914-2005

Winds of Change: Africa 1914-2005

Independence: India and South Asia 1914-2005

Communism and Capitalism: China and East Asia 1914-2005

Revolutions Galore!: South America 1914-2005 

The World’s Dynamo: North America 1914-2005

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