“Historical integrity and technological accuracy are combined in one of the most reliable and easy-to-use teaching aids you can ever have the privilege of using. Use this product. It will enhance your teaching of the material and make it take on greater meaning for your students. Without question, this is one of the best teaching resources I have ever seen.” Dwight Jenkins, History Teacher, USA

“TimeMaps is a fabulous, simply fabulous addition to our History lessons!!” Heidi Christine Hodge-Pritchard, History Teacher

Voted no.1 Social Studies Website 2010:  “a super-cool interactive and accessible way to learn about world history. Using a map and accessible text, it starts at 3500 BC” award winning Education Blogger, Larry Ferlazzo

“An awesome new resource that covers all of World History in engaging, informative interactive maps and a timeline… It’s a new enough resource that they are still adding materials, but the Ancient Egypt page can give you an idea of what to expect–not just places and dates, but info on art, architecture, government, and (this is BIG) the legacy in the rest of history.. Easy to access and fun.” Learning Lynx Education

“Really neat, thank you so much”, iLearn Technology blog

“It’s wonderful!” Mr Donn’s Education Website

“I have come here to say two things:

First, I would probably do like you. Explaining context is very important, and high school History teachers, in my day, usually weren’t very good at it.

Second, good job on this amazing site. It’s very hard finding well-researched, up-to-date and detailed maps that cover a large breadth of human History. I have searched various book-stores for something like this, and now I found it here. Not to mention, for free.

Your project is amazing and provides the necessary concrete, contextual, view that is so lacking in other History sites. Thank you, and good luck” Lucas Caordoso, History Graduate

“Thank you for a fantastic website” Ila Bradock, History Teacher

“Thank you for extending this excellent product to schools.” Patricia K. Burns, History Teacher

Via Twitter

Great interactive timeline/map/encyclopedia hybrid that shows cultures over time. Great for comparisons. @Ms Hayes, NYC

TimeMaps – A Journey through History: Beautifully designed, easy to use @Delaware Library

I’m getting way 2 obsessed with these timelines – too fascinating! @europeaantje
I just love timelines … take a look at TimeMaps @Gary bender, Alaska
So cool.. thanks for sharing @Centre for Global Awareness
History teachers: check out for useful historical timelines and animated maps @katrinagulliver

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