Reviews of Premium Products

“We have recommended the Topic TimeMaps to other schools because we like them so much” Kim Hauser, History Teacher

“Your TimeMaps are awesome and will work great for our students”, Janet Hale, Wilostar School, Florida

“Beautiful and much needed product. Thanks for putting it together”, Terri Johnson, Knowledge Quest Maps

“They have revolutionized the way I teach” Lesley Ann McDermot, Head of History, AST, St Patrick’s School

“I’m so excited about using Time Maps this year and you were so great to work with” Eileen Leckenby, Social Studies Teacher

“The maps are excellent” Michael Riley, School History Project

“Really good resources” Ben Walsh, Author of History Textbooks

“Did the lesson with a higher class and asked them what they thought of it – they said, and I’m paraphrasing here, enjoyed the graphics ….and enjoyed the information that came with the screens as it gave them more information about what they were looking at and helped their understanding along…It built on the ideas that we had covered in class and was a perfect recap feature and opportunity for new discussions. The notes that came with it were really good and did help me direct the discussion with points and facts that built on the questions that the pupils asked… From my point of view the maps have been great” Ian Marshall, Head of History Oxclose school

“Timemaps are in the process of developing some outstanding educational resources. I have used the Interactive Map of World History for a number of years now, and have always found that it has had a very positive effect on learning… without doubt the best software I have seen for years…”

The maps clearly show change and continuity, as well as chronological development, within specific time periods. The popular Roman period is covered in detail, as well as the Black Death, with the units on Medieval Britain being released as we speak. The inclusion of information tags and boxes on the maps means that they can be used for much more than presentation, they are tools teachers and students can use for overviews and depth studies. I firmly believe that this team are producing the next generation of educational resources, no teacher with an IWB should be without at least one unit from Timemaps.” Tony Fox, History Teacher and Chairman of the Durham branch of The Historical Association

“Really wonderful.. they really are very engaging, and I was also impressed with the teacher’s notes that go with them.” Dan McDonough, History Publisher, Bedford St Martins

“These are fabulous products to help kids SEE history, not just read about it and make their own maps. My kids understood concepts we had covered in the past much better after watching just a few of these interactive maps. The icons are great and help struggling readers to get important ideas in bite size chunks. I will be using these maps to help my children understand important concepts that are difficult to visualize, especially when history is covered in time-period chunks that can make it challenging to understand how a region changed over centuries and was impacted by other regions/nations. We will be using these maps as an important supplement to reinforce our history curriculum” Julie Polanco, History Teacher