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The civilization of Mesopotamia included distinct phases which are often seen as civilizations in their own right – the Sumerians, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, and the Neo-Babylonians.


Maps tracking the history of ancient Mesopotamia start at: Ancient Mesopotamia 3500 BCE


Timeline of Ancient Mesopotamian civilization


Society and culture:

Ancient Mesopotamian civilization

Ancient Assyrian civilization

Late Babylonian civilization

Brief histories:

History of Ancient Mesopotamia

History of Ancient Assyria

The Babylonian Empire

Further study


An overview of Ancient Middle Eastern history, including Mesopotamia, start at Middle East 3500 BCE

Maps of the World at the time of Ancient Mesopotamia start at The World 3500 BCE

Maps which include references to Ancient Mesopotamia in their information:

Iran 2500 BCE

Syria 2500 BCE

Syria 1500 BCE

Syria 500 BCE

South Asia 2500 BCE

Turkey 2500 BCE


History of the Ancient Middle East includes much on Mesopotamia

The Origins of Civilization has a special focus on Mesopotamia

Also, an article on the History of Elam deals with a powerful kingdom which, whilst not a Mesopotamian state per se, had a major part to play in Mesopotamian history.

Articles with references to Mesopotamia, showing its impact on different parts of the world, and vice versa:

The History of Ancient Egypt – here and here

The History of Ancient Greece – here

The History of Turkey – here, here, and here

The History of Syria – here, here and here

The History of Ancient Palestine – here, here and here

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And whatever happened to the ancient Mesopotamians – or, to put it another way, how did ancient Mesopotamia turn into modern Iraq? Follow Mesopotamian/Iraqi history through maps, starting with Iraq 200 BCE.

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