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The civilization of Greece is sometimes regarded as including the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations as well. This is not strictly accurate, as they were very different societies. However, this page contains links to Timemap resources on all of them.

Maps on Ancient Greece

Click here to track the history of Ancient Greece through maps

Timeline on Ancient Greece

Click here for a timeline on ancient Greek history

Articles on Ancient Greece

Overview of Minoan civilization

Overview of Greek civilization

Brief history of Ancient Greece from Minoan times onwards

Overview of Hellenistic civilization

Brief history of Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic kingdoms

The Seleucid kingdom

The History of Ancient Egypt VI: The Persian and Hellenistic periods

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More Maps

– of ancient Europe, which show Greek civilization in that context

– of the Middle East, showing Greek history in that context

– of the World when ancient Greek civilization flourished

Other maps which include references to ancient Greek civilization (including the Minoan and Hellenistic periods), and show Greek impact on a wide area of the world, are:

Egypt 200 BCE

Egypt 30 BCE

France 500 BCE

France 200 BCE

Iran 200 BCE

Iran 30 BCE

Iraq 200 BCE

Iraq 30 BCE

Italy 500 BCE

Italy 200 BCE

South Asia 200 BCE

Spain 500 BCE

Syria 1000 BCE

Syria 200 BCE

Syria 30 BCE

Turkey 1500 BCE

Turkey 1000 BCE

Turkey 500 BCE

Turkey 200 BCE

Turkey 30 BCE

More Articles

Click here for an in-depth history of ancient Europe at the time when Greek civilization flourished

Click here for an in-depth history of the Ancient Middle East, showing the role Greek civilization played in that region (and vice versa)

Other Articles which include references to the Greeks are:

The History of Ancient Rome – here, here and here

The History of Ancient Egypt – here and here

The History of Ancient Palestine – here

The History of Turkey – numerous references

The History of Syria – here and here

Other relevant links:

Click here for sources and further reading on ancient Greece

And finally, whatever happened to the ancient Greeks – after they were famous? Follow Greek history through a timeline of maps, starting with Greece in 200 CE.

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