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  • Updates about our website and products

With over 1,000 pages and 650 maps now contained within the TimeMap of World History, we continue in our mission to provide the most comprehensive resource for world history on-line. We continue to add more dates and advanced features.

We bring out new premium products on a regular basis, with our TimeMapps mobile products due imminently as well as our expanding range of Topic TimeMaps.

Furthermore, customers who have purchased our curriculum focussed Topic TimeMaps we have lots to tell you about the new features that are added to them, and how you can download the most up-to-date version.

The TimeMap is a huge project that will give you access to each and every civilization in history, and lets you visualise the chronological and geographical context in which they flourished. We regularly produce new lesson plans, and suggestions for use with the Atlas.

  • News from the world of history
Education technology is dynamic and is constantly updating itself. We provide news and information about new developments as they apply to the teaching and learning of history.


  • Highlights from our world history blog
We don’t know everything about everything (although we sometimes claim we do). In the process of writing the entire history of the world, we are raising questions that we would love answers to. We put these questions forward in our blog – and have already had some really helpful answers. The blog is also where you’ll find personal musings about world history which won’t make it onto the atlas or articles. If you would like to engage with us in our development work, that’s the place to go.
  • Special offers
Our Topic TimeMaps have been sold all around the world due to their usefulness of demonstrating what happened in historical periods. We offer regular special offers on these highly rated history software products.

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