Student Sheet: The Modern Era of World History

1. Enquiry

Type into the Search box at the top of the screen:

World 1789.

In the drop-down list that appears, click on the entry for World 1789 CE (it should be at the top).

A map of the world at that date will appear.

Then follow the in-map links through to your allotted region.

Use the links embedded in the new map to go down to country-level maps. These can give more details about what’s going on in that part of the world.

Use the arrows to the left and right of the screen to go backwards and forwards through history. In this way they look at the maps, and the accompanying information, for maps dated 1789 CE. 1837 CE, 1871 CE and 1914 CE.  The last three cover events in the period being covered, but the first helps to set the scene for the Modern period.

Read the information accompanying the maps, and note down the key events and developments which are mentioned as taking place in their region. Also make a note of their causes and consequences.

List the major trends, where mentioned, in

  • government
  • religion
  • society
  • technology
  • science or “know-how”

Also consider what influences are operating on the region from the wider world?


2. Presentation

Distill your notes into a concise presentation for the rest of the class. This could be by way of a PowerPoint or other presentation tool, or a simple talk, depending on what your teacher requires.

Begin the presentation with a brief look at developments in the centuries leading up to 1789.