Ancient China Lesson Plans: Interactive Activities


Prior to undertaking this exercise, the students should have first been introduced to the broad outlines of the history of Ancient China. An effective way of doing this is present the history of Ancient China using the Topic TimeMap on a whiteboard. The students can also be asked to study it themselves, either in pairs in class, or as individuals at home.

The students should be told that they will be tested on the topic, and to jot down salient points.

Alternatively, the students may have completed a more in-depth study of Ancient China, perhaps using one or more of the suggested lesson plans to go with the Topic TimeMap Activities. These interactive activities will then act as a final piece of testing and re-inforcement.

The students’ page for this activity is here.

2. Activity

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The class can then go straight into one of these interactive activities – we would suggest the cloze exercise – to test the knowledge they have acquired.

If the class has had only a brief exposure to Chinese history, the students are unlikely to do well in their first attempt. However, completing the activity should make them aware of some of the key issues within the topic. They can then be asked to return to the Dynamic History Map,and study it with more focus than before.

They should then be tested again, using the interactive exercise which they did not use before. If this is the quiz, if there is time they can be asked to pursue some of the lines of enquiry suggested in the right hand column. This wil flesh out their knowledge of the subject.

A final run-through of the quiz should complete this activity, and it is the scores achieved at this stage which should be used in any student grading.

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