Ancient China: The First Emperor’s Interview

You are the First Emperor of China, and you are being interviewed by a reporter towards the end of your career. These are the questions you are asked; write down your response.

Q: Why did you want to unite the whole of China under your rule? Yes, you’d get a lot of glory out of it, but did it do any good to the country as a whole, do you think?

Q: Was it only your own genius that made you successful, or were there other factors too?

What was it about the frontier kingdom of Qin that led it to conquer all the others?

Q: It was a great achievement to conquer all those other kingdoms – what helped you in your campaigns, do you think? And which of the other states was hardest to conquer?

Q: After you had finished your conquests did you face opposition to your rule?

Q: What was it about the Confucian scholars that led you to persecute them?

Q: Building the Great Wall of China was a mammoth effort, and many of the workers died. What was so important about this project – was it worth the cost?

Q: Why were you so hot on standardization? Weights and measures, writing, coinage, cart wheels – you just couldn’t leave anything alone, could you! Why did you think this was so important?

Q: What was the point in building all those roads?

Q: Was it necessary to be so harsh in the way your ruled?

Q: What achievement are you most proud off?

Q: What do you expect will happen in your empire after you are gone?

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