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TimeMaps Premium offers a constantly-growing range of additional resources on top of those on the free website, of the same authoritative quality.

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The Premium resources track the histories of empires, civilizations and countries on an event-by-event basis. This means that users can follow key topics in world history as they develop.

List of Premium Resources

Created for Teachers and Students

The premium units are directly relevant to school and college history courses. They give students a panoramic overview of the big picture, but also let them drill down to more detail.

The premium units are:

highly effective classroom presentations, ideal for teachers to introduce or wrap up topics;
great resources for students to use in their own research; and
engaging and powerful ways to a much greater understanding of events.

What Premium Teachers Get

An ad free experience

Premium users get an ad-free experience of the whole TimeMaps site. This will allow you to share our maps in a classroom or a presentation without any distractions.

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