The USA 1960 CE

The USA has emerged from World War 2 as the leader of the West against the Communist East.

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What is happening in The USA in 1960CE

The USA played an important part in winning World War 1.  After the war had finished, however, the country adopted an isolationist stance towards the rest of the world. It even refused to joint the new League of Nations, thus undermining that organization’s aim of maintaining peace in the world.

At home, the 1920s were years of prosperity, technological advance and continued industrial expansion. These years also saw Prohibition, organized crime and corruption scandals at high levels.

The Wall Street Crash of 1929 ushered in the Great Depression. President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal aimed at relieving poverty, but recovery only really came with the coming of World War 2 (1941-5). The USA played a pivotal role in defeating the Axis powers.

In the post-war years the USA, took on the role of one of the two great superpowers of the world. It was a founder member of the United Nations (UN), and has led the Western nations in the Cold War, meeting the challenge of global communism.

The final two states, Alaska and Hawaii, are added to the Union in 1959.

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