North East Africa 200 CE

Nubian civilization is suffering from a shortage of resources.

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What is happening in North East Africa in 200CE

In Nubia, the kingdom of Kush has retained its independence from the Roman Empire, despite a couple of Roman incursions into the country under the early Roman emperors. Now, relations are good and trade is flourishing.

The kingdom grew in power and wealth, and reached a peak of prosperity under king Netekamani (12 BCE – 12 CE). By this date, however, its economy is probably in decline. Its international trade based on the Red Sea routes is losing out to the rising power of Aksum. At home, deforestation, due in part to the large iron industry’s demands for wood fuel, is reducing soil fertility and undermining settled agriculture; semi-nomadic cattle herders are becoming more populous and spreading over a wider area. Also, the growing shortage of trees is affecting the iron industry itself.

After more than a thousand years, the kingdom of Kush is coming to an end and Nubia is entering a new phase.

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