North East Africa 1500 BCE

The influence of Egypt is beginning to be felt.

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What is happening in North East Africa in 1500BCE

For centuries, the land of Nubia has been coming increasingly under the influence of its great northern neighbour, Egypt.

When Egypt has been united and powerful, this influence has taken the form of outright conquest, at least in the north of the region. Egyptian colonies have been planted along the river Nile, and the outlying tribes, herding their cattle on the grasslands away from the river, have owed a loose allegience to the Egyptians, and traded with the Egyptian merchants in the towns.

On the other hand, when Egypt has been weak and divided, an independent state has flourished in Nubia, the kingdom of Kush. The Kushite ruling class, however, has become heavily Egyptianized in culture, religion and material civilization.


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