Mexico and Central America 1871 CE

Mexico has lost a huge amount of territory to the USA.

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What is happening in Mexico and Central America in 1871CE

Santa Anna ruled Mexico, with the support of the military, the landowners and the Church, until 1858. His rule saw defeat at the hands of the USA (1848) and the consequent loss of huge amounts of territory.

His successor, Benito Juarez, was determined to bring about improvements for the people, and issued a law separating Church from state and nationalising Church lands. Unfortunately for the Indian peasants, these new lands were quickly bought up by the wealthy.

Owing to outstanding foreign debts, French forces invaded in 1861, and set up an empire of their own, with prince Maximilian of Austria on the throne (1864). In 1865, however, the USA threatened to intervene if the French did not leave. The French army thereupon withdrew, and Maximilian was executed by the Mexicans in 1867. Mexico has since experienced several years of chaos.

To the south, the United Provinces of Central America fall apart in 1838, and Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica went their own ways. In the years that followed, US and European companies developed canals and railroads in the isthmus. Their business interests are matched by increasing political meddling in the affairs of the region, which promotes political instability.

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