The Low Countries 1960 CE

Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg have all experienced invasion and occupation by Germany during World War 2.

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What is happening in The Low Countries in 1960CE

The Netherlands succeeded in remaining neutral throughout World War 1, but Belgium was occupied by Germany, and became the scene of some of the most ferocious trench warfare. Luxembourg was also occupied, but remained comparatively untouched by the fighting.

After the war, the Belgians quickly rebuilt their prosperity, and built up a modern defence system. The Dutch embarked on their most ambitious land-reclamation project, the building of the Zuiderzee barrier.

All three countries were occupied by the Germans in World War 2, the Netherlands after ferocious bombing.

Since the war, the three countries have made rapid progress in rebuilding their economies. They formed a customs union, called Benelux, in 1948, and all are members of NATO and the European Common Market. The Dutch have lost the majority of their overseas empire, with the East Indies revolting against imperial rule and gaining independence as the country of Indonesia (1949). The Belgians have also withdrawn from the Congo (1960), leaving it in a state of chaos.

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