Egypt 1500 BCE

The civilization of Ancient Egypt is entering one of the most glorious periods of its history.

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What is happening in Egypt in 1500BCE

For Ancient Egypt in 1500 BCE, the past thousand years has seen periods of strength and unity, and of weakness and division.

The ups and downs of Ancient Egypt

The Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt came to an end in c. 2200 BCE, and the country dissolved into 150 years of anarchy during the “First Intermediate” period. Egypt was then reunited under the “Middle Kingdom”, which lasted from c. 2050 to 1700 BCE.

During this kingdom, the power that their rule over a united Egypt gave them enabled the pharaohs to project their power far to the south, in Nubia, and also into the land of Canaan in western Asia.

The founding of the New Kingdom

The most recent period of disunity, the “Second Intermediate” period (1650-1550 BCE) has recently ended. A series of great pharaohs – including Hatshepsut, one of the few queens to rule Ancient Egypt in her own right – have reunited the country and founded the “New Kingdom” (16th to 11th centuries BCE).

Having consolidate their power within the Nile Valley by creating the most highly centralised state system Ancient Egypt was ever to experience, these rulers have swiftly imposed their control over the surrounding peoples to south, east and west.

This is the start of the most glorious phase of Ancient Egypt’s long history.

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