Egypt 1000 BCE

After centuries of greatness, the civilization of Ancient Egypt has now entered a long period of decline.

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What is happening in Egypt in 1000BCE

For Ancient Egypt in 1000 BCE, the last five centuries has seen its civilization reach a peak of imperial power and cultural achievement, and then descend into another period of weakness and division.

The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

In the centuries after 1500 BCE, Egypt was one of the greatest powers of the day, with an empire stretching into Palestine and Syria in the north and Nubia in the south. At home, it witnessed the construction of the great temple complexes at Luxor and in the Valley of the Kings.

It is during this period that the boy-king Tutankhamun briefly reigned, as well as Ancient Egypt’s most famous pharaoh, Ramesses II.

The Third Intermediate period of Ancient Egypt

Since about 1200 BCE, however, this most enduring civilization of the ancient world has been slipping into decline. Egypt has lost her empire in Palestine and Nubia, has suffered invasions across all her borders, and has experienced political weakness at home. Ancient Egypt in 1000 BCE has the great days of its long-lasting civilization in the past.

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