I’m off to the battlefields

I’m off to northern France and Belgium tomorrow, for a tour of the cemeteries and battlefields of the First World War’s Western Front. We’ll be looking at sights of Ypres and the Somme.

I’ve never done this before. Never wanted to. But I was invited to join a group going from our locality, and decided I would do so.

I have mixed feelings about going. I’ve blogged before about how I feel about the First World War: like many Brits, I have more negative thoughts about that conflict than about the Second World War. And the thought of viewing the scenes of so much carnage does not fill me with joy. However, it should be very interesting.

I find much military history fascinating; but until recently my view of the First World War has been that it was too static for much large-scale drama, unlike the Second War. However, I have recently been doing quite a bit of reading about it, and I’ve found in it a great deal more of interest than I thought I would.

Anyhow, I’ll no doubt feel that I want to say something about the visit when I get back, though I am very aware that so much has been said about the war that I’ll have nothing original to add.


By Peter Britton