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A Special Offer

This month, as our TimeMap of World History has been storming along, we thought we would welcome the coming of the Renaissance with a special offer Discount Code:

If you enter the words: RENAISSANCE – into our order form within the next 10 Days (09/03/2012) you will benefit from a 20% discount when purchasing individual Topic TimeMaps. If you purchase all of the TimeMaps you will gain an extra 10% discount on top of the 20% that is currently there!

To see the Topic TimeMaps we have available visit www.timemaps.com/products.


The TimeMap of World History

As we have established, the Renaissance has begun in Europe, but what else is happening in the world? Well, the Qing have taken over from the Ming in the East, the Ottoman Empire rules in the Middle East and the Mughals dominate South Asia.

This means you can now explore each and every nation, empire and civilization from 3500BC up to 1789 on many dates. The gaps will be filled in soon with America and European Low Countries imminent.

Take a look for yourself?: http://www.timemaps.com/history/world-1789ad


Lesson Plans

We had a great response when we called out for how you use the TimeMap of World History. We found out that people used it to introduce topics, that students were told to read around subjects as homework, that the maps were used in the classroom to provide a visual overview and that the some teachers had already prepared lessons plans for it.

We are going to collect these lesson plans together to make a complete set of teaching and learning guides to world history. PLEASE BE PART OF IT. You can still submit lesson plans or ideas to us at info@timemaps.com. Even it is just an idea, a piece of feedback, or a request for more information. We would love to hear from you.

Best wishes from the TimeMaps Team

Jonny Britton, Director