TimeMaps on the BBC and Chrome Store App

Hello and happy thanksgiving

I just thought I’d mention a few things that have been happening recently.

We were recently featured on the BBC program: Click, which is a technology show that highlights cool new technology. The link to the clip is here

We added a new button on the website, which lets users scroll through dates more quickly. We hope to make this process a bit quicker for people, and also more accessible to mobile users.

This is part of a drive to make our website easier to understand and get to grips with. Our aim from the start was to try and make information appear more the deeper the user explored  – which happens – but quite often people are unaware that the information is there before they leave. We’ve tried to simplify our messages at the entry to the website to make it more clear about what we do. If you have any suggestion as to website improvements we’d love to hear them. Contact me at info @ timemaps.com 

And finally we have also added an App to the Google Chrome store so the site can be launched straight from your browser. If anyone is interested in giving us a review, this would help more people become aware and interested in using it. The link to the TimeMaps Chrome App is here